Why Get AMP’d

Why get AMP’d with Design the Planet?

The Design the Planet team was assembled to serve the brand marketing needs of small business. So, for 20 years we’ve researched small and mid-sized enterprises in a budget-centric way, focused on marketing strategy, brand engagement and prospect conversion. We understand the challenges facing marketers working with small to medium-sized sales teams today, and we acknowledge that many companies must function without professional marketers needed to support the efforts of their professional sales team. However, to be successful, you must marry marketing to sales in order to maximize profits. The sales process is arduous (especially for high-priced products and services), and every contact is precious and must be treated with value, attention and respect if you expect them to choose you over competitors.


The bottom line is this: even if you don’t have an internal marketing team, you still need sales-supporting marketing automation. If you want your team members to crush their quotas, then AMP your sales culture with data-driven automated marketing and engagement tools integrated into your Internet arsenal.

Marketing automation isn’t just “the hot new thing” – it’s a proven way to increase your sales, improve the effectiveness of your sales team, and dramatically improve marketing ROI. Chances are, getting AMP’d with Design the Planet is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level of awesome.