What is AMP?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

How would you like to know the instant a lead opens your email, or be able to identify up to 90% of the traffic visiting your website? How valuable would it be to track your marketing efforts in real time? These are some of the common challenges faced by modern day marketers.

If you’re ready to manage your whole sales pipeline in one place, you’re ready for AMP, an exciting Automated Marketing Program from Design the Planet focused on the small to medium sized enterprise.

AMP will help you:

  • Facilitate an ongoing dialogue with prospects – without lifting a finger
  • Automate initial responses to prospect queries
  • Nurture contacts through the conversion process – even when you’re away from the office
  • Manage and track engagement campaigns – reporting on what’s really working
  • Receive notifications when someone is ready to buy
  • Save your sales team time (or free them up to pursue more leads)
  • Move beyond Client Relationship Management (CRM) with a set of tools to maximize your marketing effectiveness
  • Provide real-time reporting for sales management meetings and evals

AMP gives you data or “marketing intelligence” that will make your marketing and business development team amazingly efficient. It’s just what you need to assist an overworked team while maximizing their effectiveness.


From attraction to nurturing and prioritizing to the sale…

If you’re like most companies, you throw everything into the sales funnel. You attract prospects using in-bound marketing (social media, blogs, articles, presentations, etc.). Then you nurture them with additional in-bound content such as case studies and white papers – all in an effort to move them closer to conversion (from prospect to buying customer).

The beauty of deploying an automated marketing program (in this case, AMP) is that all this can be happening without you or your business development team doing anything. AMP integrates into your website so engagement and follow-up emails automatically go to prospects who react to in-bound content, like downloading a white paper. You can also automatically re-engage prospects who have gone cold. Simple email blasts distributed though your AMP-Mail engine are actually powerful lead-nurturing mechanisms. It’s a great way to position your company as “the expert” and keep you “top of mind” with those prospects who are slow to convert.




Want even more automated marketing power?

Website visitor tracking is part of the AMP marketing automation system. AMP lets you track your prospect’s actions… You’ll know what blog posts they read, what emails they open, and what white papers they’ve downloaded. All their activity generates a lead score your business developers can use to set their next action: follow-up with a cold prospect, call warm leads when they’re ready to buy (say good-bye to blindly cold calling a list), or reach out to that cold customer to cross-market other products or services. Sounds a bit too “big brother” for you? Big companies have used similar systems and techniques for years, and maybe you didn’t even know you were being AMP’d! Until recently, deploying these systems was cost prohibitive to all but the largest enterprise companies and required a large designated team to manage the campaign development, tracking, and customization. Not any longer! We’ll help you tailor and personalize your engagement to each contact, prospect, or customer to provide a more personalized conversion process.